How to Breastfeed in Public Discreetly

7 tips and tricks that you can follow to overcome your problem when breastfeed your child in public.

Breastfeeding your infant is a right given by nature. Eating is support breastfeedingone of our most essential needs, and we should not be embarrassed if our baby needs to be fed. Nor should we be stuck in our homes just because we are breastfeeding. It is very easy to nurse a child no matter where you are. There are specially made clothes for breastfeeding mothers that can easily be pulled away to allow the child to nurse. Small blankets can also be used to cover your infant, for an added layer of privacy.

The most important aspect of all is for you, as a mother, to feel comfortable regardless of the place. If feeding time caught you while you are out, just find a comfortable place for you and your baby to settle into the nursing position. Once you are settled into a comfortable position, whether sitting or standing, covered or not, you can continue what you were doing, until the child finishes its meal. No one enjoys having their lunch in the bathroom or the back corner of the street. So it is easy to understand that neither you nor your baby deserves treatment like this for such a natural behavior. Here are some tips on how to do this in maximum discretion.

Breastfeeding in public tipsknow your rights.

Know your rights and have a positive attitude – a mother’s milk is the best food you can give to your child, in order to raise him in the healthiest way. It has all the nutrients a baby needs to grow and have a strong immune system. No formula will offer as many So do not avoid breastfeeding, as it is the best choice for your baby. When your most loved one is hungry, wait no more, just feed them. You see so many people grabbing their lunch wherever they feel like. Breastfeeding is the same thing, because your young one just needs to grab something to eat.

practise breastfeeding in front of mirrorPractice in front of the mirror – If you ever wondered how you would look in public, just set yourself in front of a mirror. Here, try to make it most comfortable for you and for the people who might see you. By being aware of your image and, at the same time, finding a position that is comfortable for you, it will instantly give you a more confident and self-secure feeling. There are so many ways that you can breastfeed where no one will notice. You just need to find the right one for you. And you can do this by trying out several options to see which one fits best.

breastfeed dress

When planning a day outwith your baby, be more careful about what you wear, so you will be prepared to breastfeed while on the go. There are specially designed outfits for nursing mothers like tank tops, shirts with slits or loose tops. Item like these makes breastfeeding very natural, without exposing your body. They are very easy to remove, partially; enough to allow your child to feed and still cover your breast or belly.

wrap brestfeedUse a sling or wrap – Another great item can be a sling or a wrap. These items will completely cover your baby and you, providing the privacy you need. The best part is that you can breastfeed while walking or doing other tasks. And, if you are new to being a mother, their coverage will help you build self-confidence while breastfeeding in public. They are easy to carry around and easy to put on, so there is no reason you shouldn’t use one.

 nursing bra

Nursing bras – If we are in the nursing clothes sector, let’s also talk about nursing bras. They are different from the normal bras because they are specially made to come off quickly. You do not need to reach around to your back loosen it. In most cases, you will only need to pull the cup down, under your breast, and allow your baby to feed, and then pull it back. It’s that simple and quick. No one will ever notice what just happened.

bebe-au-lait-nursing-cover-soft-spot-modelPick your spot – Choose a place where you feel comfortable, but stay away from bathrooms. It is not a proper place to eat your meal. Although, areas that are too busy, like malls or shopping centers might not be the best idea as they may distract a nursing child. Thus, aim for a spot that has a quiet and less disturbing atmosphere. A quiet café or a simple bench in the park, if the weather allows it, might do the job. You and your baby will feel much better in places like this. After a bit of practice, more crowded areas won’t look like such an impossible mission for you.


Smile and plan your response – “I got these tips from Today’s Parent, where I found out to smile whenever someone spots us.” A quick smile should be your answer if someone realizes what you are doing. Never feel embarrassed because you have no reason for it. Something like, “Well, it’s always best to get prepared before it happens, right?” will undoubtedly reduce any possible tension. Remember, what you are doing is entirely natural, and the only person who gets embarrassed is the one that is not fully aware of this aspect. No one looks at them weird when they enjoy their salad for lunch, do they?

Positions For Breastfeeding In Public

breastfeeding Once you have decided you are ready to nurse in public, you may wonder what are the best positions. We will now cover some of the breastfeeding positions that are most suitable for nursing in public.

There are several nursing positions, but the ones that imply laying back or sitting on the side on the bed will not help you out in the outdoors. Thus, areas that can permit breastfeeding while sitting down are most efficient. The cradle position is the most commonly used one. You can sit however you want because you will only use your hands to hold and position the baby. Always make sure that his face is toward your body and not facing outwards. Left side picture of two mothers nursing in the cradle position, for a better idea of what this position looks like.breasfeeding using slip

 A position similar to the one mentioned before is the cross cradle position. Again, you will only use your hands to hold your baby. The difference is that instead of holding his bottom with one hand, you will position it to sustain his head. The cross-cradle position works extremely well in the case of newborn babies, who have no yet learned the secret of latching. Or if you are a mother with big breasts, this position might be more comfortable. Here is another image(on your right ), so you will understand better.

Best Types Of Cover When Breastfeeding In Public

460_Pashmama_BlackHere are a couple of details about some great brands of breastfeeding covers and clothes. If the wrap idea really inspired you, and you think it may be the best for you, then try the Jolly Jumper Pashmama. It looks like a large scarf, and no one will be able to tell what its purpose is. Worth noting is that it has extra soft material.

It will provide you with all the privacy you need and make you look fashionable at the same time. Another cute but useful cover is the Babee Covee. It is versatile, giving you the possibility of transforming it from a nursing cover into a stroller blanket, shopping cart cover or a seat cushion.

The choice is yours. A clothing item that will make you look great and still let you breastfeed in public is the Itzy Ritzy Ritzy Nurser. It is similar to a poncho but made out of soft and silky fabric, with nice and elegant patterns. The best feature of this item is its rigid neck, allowing you to take a peek at your baby while nursing, letting no one else know about your secret.

A mother needs functional items, even if it is about nursing items. Mothers are always on the move and always on the run taking care of family matters. So finding the best piece of the outfit, which will make her look great and still provide the function she needs is very important. Now mothers can look beautiful while doing their job.

What To Wear While Breastfeeding

Most women think about getting back into their Lalabu-Soothe-Shirt-Pure-Blackpre-pregnancy wardrobe. Isn’t this right? It is not an impossible task. The only problem is that they are not as practical and versatile as clothes specifically designed for nursing.

So, try to ease your tasks and fully benefit from the features of these specials garments. They aren’t made just to make mothers look pretty or feel comfy. Their principal purpose is to come to your aid when nursing your child. Here are some examples of clothing items from this category to help you understand why they are better than the rest.

Lalabu Soothe Shirt can be used both as a fashionable top and as a comfy pouch for your baby. Its innovative design has a soft bag in which your baby can rest, being covered and warm. But the benefits don’t stop here. This shirt has a nursing bra incorporated.

Thus, you will have in a single product with support for the baby and the ability to nurse him anywhere. All of these features without exposing any part of your body and having full privacy. You thought nursing mothers couldn’t look hot? Try the Contemporary knot dress from Milk Nursingwear. The fabric is amazingly soft, and the cut is made to be worn without any difficulty, regardless of your body shape. The biggest surprise is that it has a lifting front, right in the breast area, for a quick and easy breastfeeding.

Best Nursing Bra

Our breasts are the main character in the breastfeeding episode. From here it evolves the need to protect them, cover them with something soft and reliable, but at the same time practical enough to allow mothers to breastfeed at any time and for any moment. These are the reasons that are taken into consideration when designers create a nursing bra. They have highly elastic fibers that allow the skin to breath. They do not contain any wiring or other material that might provoke injuries. Moreover, they have clip-down characteristic in the front of the bra’s braces, for easy use while nursing. Some of them are so elastic that all you need to do to nurse is to simply pull on the side and the baby can start feeding. The main idea of these nursing bras is to make you feel secure, comfortable, and to simplify the breastfeeding process.

best nursing bras

Bras from Leading Lady Maternity Comfort are great because you can immediately pull off a sling and start breastfeeding without anyone noticing the move you made. It contains no wires and the material used is cotton, for better comfort and skin ventilation. Another chic bra is the Blooming Marvelous Lottie Wrap Bra. It is a comfy top with V-shaped cleavage. You can quickly remove any part of it for breastfeeding. It will also provide the support you need during your night sleep as the fabrics and design are made to increase your comfort. You and all the mothers out there deserve the best available products.

In the end, I can only hope that I managed to cover all the subjects of primary interest regarding public breastfeeding. I firmly believe that this is a phenomenon that should be easily done under any circumstances, because it lies at the heart of our human nature. But because of our social preconceptions and cultural background, people still look at it as a taboo matter.

This is why I wanted to show mothers that there are so many ways in which they can breastfeed their babies, in a more delicate and discreet way in public, so that no one feels awkward anymore. I hope you enjoyed my article, and I am looking forward to receiving any messages from you.

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