Best Gifts for New Mums – The Top 10 Ideas

This top 10 list ideas gifts for new mums was chosen not only to show our appreciation for them for their life fighting but also, to help ease their day and night routines.

Any woman on this planet has a chance to experience the most extraordinary phenomenon. Carrying her child, thus creating life, is something indeed incredible. Those women who have gone through this process know about this situation.

For the rest, I can say it is a great surprise, a beautiful one, but still not the easiest. In the first two months, you likely won’t feel any difference. But as the pregnancy advances, you will end up with a bigger tummy and usual activities will become more difficult to carry out.

Under these circumstances, I feel the need to share with you a number of tips that I have found concerning pregnancy products that might be a good gifts for new mums appreciation.  So sit comfortably as I am about to go through a number of excellent products , specially designed for new mothers. All of them are created exclusively for pregnant women, to ease the discomfort and make this period a more enjoyable one. Whether you are expecting or just making plans, here is some stuff you should know about:

Pregnancy belts

pregnancy belt

As beautiful as pregnancy may be, it is still a heavy burden for your body. One of the biggest problem is the load created by the increasing size of your belly. Your muscles get worked out, and your feet carry a heavier body due to the extra weight. Not to mention the almost always present backaches.

Pregnancy belts will help you release from all the extra tension gathered in your body. Its primary benefit is to support the new shape of your body, this meaning the tummy, and get the load off your back. Back pain is one of the most frequent issues while pregnant, because of bad posture induced by gaining a heavy load in the front of the body. The belt will correct the posture by offering additional support. During the last period of pregnancy, as your body prepares for labor and birth, pelvic and leg muscles can become more relaxed. As a result, you will feel fatigued faster, this demonstrates how important a pregnancy belt is for comfort and practicality.

Pregnancy shoes or sandals


Our second item must have for new moms, sandals. Feeling your feet are puffy and looking like they barely fit into your regular shoes is an ordinary sight for a pregnant woman. Being comfy is the ultimate goal, so choosing your shoes must always respect this principle.

You should try to limit the stress put on your body at minimum. Comfortable pregnancy shoes or sandals will be your best ally when you need to go out shopping or for a routine checkup at your doctor’s office. As your pregnancy advances, your body will start to gain more weight. Your feet will be the ones carrying all of it, compared to the pre-pregnancy period, so it is easy to understand why you need easier shoes. The reason for your feet to look bigger than usual is because they get tired faster and the blood veins will expand as a result.

Best books to read while pregnant

best book to readSince moving too much will become rather demanding in the second period of the pregnancy, there are other ways to get prepared for what it is about to come. You can find interesting information about being a mother from reading specialized books regarding pregnancy and life with the newborn baby.

They will chase away any boredom and offer you useful information about pregnancy, its processes, planning, best advises for new mothers, and how to take care of your infant. Thus, there will be no secrets for you, relieving all the stress caused by stepping into this unknown realm of parenthood. There is such a wide variety of literature about this topic that will make feel a little confused when trying to pick one up. Try the ones that have the most interesting topics for you, their large variety helping you to find some intriguing subjects. Here for example.

Maternity bras

pregnancy bras

You should know that another part of your body will change during pregnancy that being your breasts. Soon you will soon outgrow all the bras you usually use, so choosing to use a maternity bra for the rest of your pregnancy period will mean a great deal.

Why? You will be astonished with how useful they can be. Maternity bras are made to cover all the needs of your body in that particular phase. They have elastic but firm, straps to reduce any uncomfortable bounce. A full area of your breasts will get cover with a material that will be very useful as they will become more sensitive.

The size of your breasts will become ungainly, increasing your discomfort. Soft and natural materials will make you feel more comfortable, regardless of any hot temperatures. You just need to find the shape and size will fit best in your case.

Pregnancy body pillow

pregnancy body pillow

A crucial part of being pregnant is getting good quality sleep, and this may become a difficult task since regular pillows only provide support for the neck and head. Losing sleep was making you cranky anyways, so it is obvious this will enhance since you have particular needs now. Pregnancy pillows will offer the support you need for the entire body, relieving stress from all the extra solicited body parts like shoulders, waist, and neck.

In pregnancy’s last trimester, women can only sleep on their side, so this pillow will make this positions feels natural and comfortable, allowing them to have a refreshing sleep. Mothers will also use this pillow to sit in a comfortable position while breastfeeding their new infant. It also works amazing in the cases of C-section recovery, helping to find an easy way to rest by supporting the body in its most essential places.

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

The skin on your tummy will need special care during pregnancy. belly butterIt will have to face quite some stretching as your growing baby will make it bigger and bigger. Due to this pulling effort, stretch marks will appear as the skin is continuously forced to change shape. Unfortunately, if they are not treated, these marks remain on the belly after pregnancy too.

And this is a memory you simply don’t want to keep. For this reason, you need a cream with a high moisturizing level, which will help the skin remain soft and flexible, in order to meet all the stretching. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter is made particularly for pregnant women, without a strong fragrance to make them nausea. With a composition made entirely out of natural ingredients, it is designed to maintain your skin’s suppleness during pregnancy and even after it. Don’t worry if you already have stretch marks, using this daily moisturizer will help diminish them and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper


Now, this is something you definitely need to check out. It is a special pad to place on your bed in order to have the most comfortable sleep. It works so well because it is made out of a special foam that “memorizes” your body shape. It works incredibly to even out your body’s position by supporting the stressed body parts.

Instantly, your usual bed will feel much more comfortable. The best part is that you do not need to throw away your old mattress. Just place this pad on top of it, and the situation will change completely. The product is very safe, because it is manufactured out of materials that are non-toxic, do not develop or enhance allergies, and it is eco-friendly. The investment you are making is not only for the pregnancy period, but also for the rest of your days. A good night rest can be all you need to feel great.

Best maternity dresses

Athena Blue Dress | Designer Maternity Wear from Zoe Alexander UK

Here we are talking again about how important it is to feel comfortable during pregnancy. Of course, by now you have noticed that the clothes from your closet do not fit anymore. Perhaps you are wondering which clothing item you will feel most comfortable in and still make you feel beautiful. Well ladies, a dress will never be exceeded by anything else, and this is for several reasons. You can put it on quickly; it doesn’t squeeze your feet, and you don’t need to think what to assort it with, making you feel more feminine, unlike other clothes. Maternity dresses only enhance these features. They are specially made to allow your tummy to fit in. Their material is made out of natural fibers allowing you to feel comfy and let your skin breath. It is worth mentioning that they are large enough to not restrain your already too puffy feet.

Preggie Pop Drops

No matter how beautiful you will find pregnancy, the following fact will ruin your day. Morning sickness hits a majority of women; whether it is sickness which appears because of smells, the food you eat or different causes it is time to take care of this matter too. With Preggie Pop Drops, the nasty nausea symptoms will go away.

Remember that it is not a drug, so it is entirely harmless for you and your baby. Their composition is based on natural extracts with sour flavors, like lemon, tangerine, raspberry or green apple. I am sure it isn’t pleasant to run around trying to find a bathroom whenever you experience illness, so having these drops will help you feel better and control the symptoms. I am sure that this information comes as a relief for all the mothers who are afraid to leave their homes, just because they are scared that nausea will get them while out of the house.


Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System

Studies have shown that even from an early stage of pregnancy, the child can hear sounds, like music or the mother’s voice. Also, it is a known fact that certain sounds can induce a state of relaxing and well-being. Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System is the practical proof that pregnancy product developers have already found out a great way to exploit this fact. Isn’t it great that now you, together with your child, can both enjoy high-quality music? This system is created in such way that your child can also hear your favorite music, with the help of a specially designed belt. Soft music can help the baby calm down if you feel he is restless and kicks all the time. Not to mention that particular musical background, used during pregnancy, can help with the development of the child’s personality. So, it is amazing that you can start sharing the things you like with your baby, even before being born.


After sharing with you all this information I got my hands on, my dear future mothers to be, I am waiting to hear your opinions. There isn’t any other experience better than the one you try on your own. So if you tried any one of these products, please share. Tell us what you think. If not, which one sounds tempting or will help improve your situation? I am eager to find out which one do you believe will make pregnant women enjoy more during this amazing period. I tried to gather what can be most practical during pregnancy to help mothers find the support they need. But in the end, your thoughts count the most. Thus, I invite every one of you to tell us what you think about this topic.

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