Things That Every Great Babysitter Should KNOW Before Starting Work

How to start your babysitting with flying colors?

This may not your first time babysitting. You may have years of experience behind you.

Together with skills that you own both during babysitting routines or some learning skills outside.
You might be thinking that you are ready, good enough to tackle any problem.Before babysitting starts

But still, the first time for everything is always the most challenging

If you are concerned about what the parents will say after your first day babysitting, instead of stressing about it, what if you turn your mindset towards more productive activities by analyzing the possible consequences that might happen during your sitting.


Every job in the world starts with preparation.

The better you prepare, the easier it will be for you, and you will also be able to deliver quality results.
According with our findings and observations, we have gathered 13 things that you really need to know and be ready for before any babysitting job starts.

These 13 things will not only focus on the child’s safety but also to make sure good positive feedback from parent so they keep hiring you as their favorite chosen babysitter again and again.

1. Telephone number, to get in touch with parents and neighbors

It is crucial to have all important phone numbers that you need to call in case of an emergency. The phone number of the parents in a must, as they should be notified immediately if anything goes wrong or you need help for some reason.get in touch with parents and neighbors

Also, if the parents have some trusty neighbors around, ask for their telephone numbers too. There might be a situation where the parents won’t be able to answer the phone, like being in a meeting, or you will need someone to come over quickly. So the neighbor might be your best option.

Make sure you have enough credit to call someone. Even though it’s free in an emergency, you may need to call the parents for some reason.

2. You should know who the neighbors are, and if they can really help you if something wrong might happen?

A neighbor is helpful, but not all the time and not in every situation. Parents might not have a great relationship with their neighbors. If that is the case, you may want to establish this information.

So do check out how close the neighbors are, who they are and in what matter they can help you.

3. Where is the first aid kit box or any medical supplies? Do you know how to address any health issues?

Now, this is a must-know. You should know the exact location of the first aid kit or where the family’s medical supplies are. And have full access to them. This should be one of the first things you should see when the parents give you a tour of the house.first aid kit box

When something happens, like an accident or medical emergency, you must know where to find what you need. Also, the child could experience cramps or diarrhea, so it is useful to know what kinds of medicines you can give him to make these issues stop.

And if you could get medical aid training, even the most elementary one, it will be a plus for you. In the event that the parents let you know that the child has a particular health issue, make sure you do some research to know the symptoms. As well, do discuss with the parents about his treatment and what should be done in case things get worse.

This British Red Cross free video training might remind you how

4. Keep in mind that safety is a priority when babysitting

There is no doubt in this statement. Safety is always first when it comes to taking care of children, regardless of whether they are yours or not.babysit safety awareness

So always keep an eye on what the child is doing. Make sure that there aren’t any dangerous objects within his reach, which may cause him an injury. Do not let him near the electrical sockets.

And when cooking, ironing or handling items that get hot, make sure not to leave them in places where the child reach or grab them.

If the child is just trying to take his first steps by grabbing onto the furniture for some extra grip, always be near him to protect him from bumping into sharp corners or even dragging a heavy object on him.

5. There will probably be no time to sleep, so be prepared

no time for sleep for babysitterWhen taking care of children, you never know what may happen. You can tell what habits they have when it comes to sleeping time.

Some may sleep very well and not cause you any trouble. But some sleep poorly, wake up often, or fall asleep rather difficultly. So don’t go babysitting considering you have time to sleep.

You may never get this chance. So be sure to be well-rested and make sure you sleep appropriately the night before because you may need all the strength in the world to keep up with a well-rested child. After all, you are a babysitter because you need to watch the baby, not sleep on duty.

6. Parents may have installed spy cams inside the house, so if you want to work for this family, be sure that you do a great job!

It is not an unusual thing for parents to place spy cams in the house. It is not only out of safety reasons, but also to keep an eye on you two.

Yes, parents do want to know what is going on in the house when you are alone with their child. So it is advisable to keep up the good work if you wish to keep working with this family.

Still, with spy cameras or not, if the child appreciates you and the time you spend together, you will earn a trusted place in the family. And this is something that’s worth working for if you want to build a solid reputation.

So, spy cameras can be good for you.

7. Dos and don’ts during babysitting

Each parents may have different opinions of certain and dont during babysitting

Some of them may have already mentioned to you the rules that you need to follow.

Some of them may forget what they have to say. But, when an issue occurs, it will be time for you to get blame because parents assume that as a babysitter you should have already known that.

Either way, here are some possible rules and regulations that a majority of parents will want you to follow and obey.

  • List of “Dos”
    • Respect the mealtimes and snacks approved by the parents
    • Respect the family rules about watching TV and playing with gadgets
    • Always ask permission for a new type of activity
    • Always keep the emergency phones numbers in close reach
  • List of “Don’ts”
    • Don’t smoke in the house or near the children
    • Don’t chat with your friends while babysitting and forget to keep an eye on the child
    • Don’t invite friends over to the house where you are babysitting
    • Don’t feed the baby unhealthy foods or foods that may choke them
    • Never let the child out of your sight or leave him alone

8. Be ready in the event of a crisis. Make sure to get the address of the home in case you need to tell it to an authority in an emergency.

It is not pleasant to think about the worst-case scenario, but it may happen. So you must be fully aware of where you are. Knowing the exact location and address of the house where you are babysitting is a must.

So besides the emergency phone numbers, do have the address in case you need to call for help.

9. Know what to play and how to get along with the child

You will need to be ready to playing age appropriate games with the child. So after you meet the family and the child, do prepare some games and fun activities before your first day on the job. And also make a plan on how to best get along with the child.

10. Even though your “jobpost” is babysitter, it doesn’t mean you should ignorean untidy or dirty environment

Kids do make a mess, and even if you are the babysitter, it is not right to leave everything dirty or untidy.

A clean environment creates safety awareness.

Plus, parents will feel down if they come home welcomed by a dirty child and house. It’s not like you do their laundry. You only clean after the child.

11. Some parents will leave you instructions that you’ll need to follow, like no snacks. Or child routines, like what time to eat and go to bed. Just keep those in mind. And maybe house rules too.

Each family has its rules when it comes to raising the child. So you need to respect those and stick to them. Don’t try to change anything before speaking to the parents in order to get their approval. They won’t appreciate it if you disregard their rules.

12. Know the time when the parents will return

It is good to know your schedule, like when to start babysitting and when the parents come home. It will help you to better time manage. Also, knowing when the parents return will allow you to put everything in order and keep things tidy.

13. Know the layout of the house.

This is a safety plan. Sorry to give such this example but, let’s say someone gets inside through the front door and wants to attack you or the kids. At least you have a safety plan about where to exit, like which door is the fastest for babysitter

This situation may look like it is coming from a horror movie, but it is never a bad idea to be prepared for crisis.

The world is a dangerous place, and you never know what could happen. So make sure you learn the way the house is arranged. Also, look to see where the doors are positioned, especially the ones that lead outside. See which one can get locked and look for safety hideouts, like a closet or a depositing space under the stairs.

So, having said all this, you should be prepared to be a great babysitter and provide parents and their children with the best possible service. They will feel confident that their children are being well taken care of. So there is nothing to worry about when they are away.

Listing all of the possible problems that might occur while babysitting might not be easy to express in such a list.

If we did, it would probably take thousands of words to cover.

But hopefully, this list of the 13 top guidelines is good enough for you to refer to and give your attention to.

Anyway, we encourage you to add and suggest any ideas that you might think need to be added.

To make sure everything is easy to understand, we have designed a handout for you to make a copy of, fill out and keep it with you when it’s needed. Get from Pinterest

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Please leave your comments and thoughts below.

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