Choosing Not To Breastfeed? 5 Top Excuses

When feeding the newborn baby is raised, many mothers might have a different perspective over breastfeeding. Deciding not to breastfeed is, after all, a personal decision about how you want to raise your child. It also doesn’t make you a bad mother. Any mother, breastfeeding or not, will love her child as much as any other mother.

There are cases in which breastfeeding is not possible: low milk production, breast problems, eating disorders of the mother cause by post-partum depression and so on. Plus, most mothers will use breast pumps to extract milk, and will bottle feed their babies with the same milk. That means they still use the best milk for their newborn baby.

So you see, it is either a personal decision or it is a decision made by our body. In either case, the modern formulas for babies contain all the nutrients a small child needs to grow properly. The only thing that separates a mother’s milk from a performant formula might be the fact of transmitting antibodies to the baby.

It is bad not to breastfeed because a mother’s milk is by far the best a food source for the baby. It has the properties of introducing antibodies into the baby’s system to help increase the immune system. Of course, that does not mean bottle fed babies will be ill or sensitive. Many mothers feed their babies with formulas, and they are the happy parents of excellent and healthy children.

Reasons Not To Breastfeed

For so many mothers, whether it is a personal decision or a medical decision, the reasons why they choose not to breastfeed are strong. Let’s go through a list of good reasons not to breastfeed.busy-mom-not-breastfeed_300x354

They have a busy working schedule

Most mothers return to work even after a short while had passed since they gave birth. Whether they love their careers or need the money to support their family, working mothers have a tough time breastfeeding their infants. Thus, it is more convenient to use formulas than to spend time breastfeeding.

Baby formulas are omnipresent in hospitals

Right after the baby is born, and the mother still stays with him in the hospital for further supervision, they will see the nurses with formulas. In many hospitals, doctors and the medical staff promote the use of formulas heavily, so the mother goes home with the idea that using formula is the best choice for her baby.

Too much advertising of formulas

The aggressive advertising for special baby formulas can also be a strong reason women choose not to breastfeed. They are encouraged by the fact that it is easy, quick, and it is promoted with the image of being a completely safe and valuable product. It may be true, but the decision should be made by mothers, not by the television commercials, which are played over and again.

Social and economic status

Believe it or not, but most women who choose to breastfeed come from wealthy families. Women who have a poorer financial situation are forced to return to work after a shorter period, with the time permitting them to breastfeed for being about six months depending on your country of origin. Thus, in families with lower income rates, mothers spend their breastfeeding time at work, being forced to bottle feed their babies. Another cause being the fact that jobs with low-income rates are not too willing to offer maternity leaves.

Medical reasons not to breastfeed

There are individual medical situations where a mother cannot medical-reasons-for-not-breastfeeding_300x300breastfeed due to risks she and her baby will be exposed to. Women that have the herpes virus risk developing soars on their breast that they can transmit through breastfeeding. Severe illness like blood infections or HIV will represent a major risk, so the mother will not breastfeed in these cases. If the mother suffers from hepatitis B, she might breastfeed only if the infant received the vaccine against the disease within 48 hours from birth. In the event of hepatitis C, the nipples will be sore, as they will be cracked and bleeding.

These are good enough examples of moms that choose not to breastfeed.

See if it can be relate with you

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Benefits of breastfeeding

In the last two days, when I decided to write this topic, I read a mom blog that said, there is no problem at all when we choose not to breastfed our baby, because after all most mothers are still going to use a breast pump which will still cost them as much as those moms that prefer not to breastfeed.

Well, I don’t even know how to comment on her post. Not meaning to argue or anything.

But please, it’s just not like that, plus its way more different than what is shown physically.

If bonding with your newborn in a way no one will ever experience, breastfeeding has other strong reasons why it should be chosen over any other type of baby feeding method. You don’t just need to offer nutrients to your child. Of course, a growing infant will need them very much, but a mother’s milk has additional benefits than merely representing a meal.

The mother’s milk is the pathway through which your immune system will transmit information to the baby’s immune system. In this way, you will prepare the young one to resist and be stronger against many severe diseases. The body of the mother has already experienced challenges from all types of viruses and bacteria, so her immune system has gathered all the necessary information the body needs to fight off all the uninvited guests.

Through breastfeeding, the baby receives all the information stocked by the mother during time, a valuable process that no formula will be able to reproduce.

Every mother is free to choose how to proceed with her baby. It is her right to decide what is best for both. Even though it may seem difficult and hard to achieve, once you start breastfeeding you will experience the most unbelievable bonding experience with your baby. No one in the family will ever manage to reach this level. It is a great way to enjoy being a mother and a wonderful means to feel your baby close to you.

Because of you are not breastfeed, these are what you should consider

You already know what breastfeeding, or not, is entirely your decision, the decision of the mother exclusively, unless medical issues intervene.

Before you take any permanent decision, we decided to come up with some aspects you might find interesting to think about. So regardless how you decide to raise your baby, here are some useful pieces of information, gathered to come in the aid of any mother.

All women and future mothers should know that breastfeeding is an extremely complex natural process, designed not only to offer nutrition to the newborn. However, it also acts as a bridge for antibodies transfer from the mother to the baby. Nature planned this aspect very carefully, in order to allow a substantial development to every one of us. The organism of the baby is fragile and not yet prepared to face the restless world, especially germs, bacteria and viruses.

However, the body of the mother learned to tackle these invaders during her lifetime. Thus, besides keeping the stomach of the little one full and satisfied the natural mother’s milk will also transfer adequately trained troops of antibodies, ready to fight all the viruses and bacteria they registered already in the body of the mother.

If you decide not to breastfeed, a main concern should be to try and offer to your child the same nutritional values and protection offered by the natural mother’s milk. Here are some advices to boost your baby’s immune system. They might not be as close as your milk, but they do offer a similar benefit, being the best alternative option.

Take walks together

As soon as the doctor says it is fine to take your Take-walks-together-1024x705_300x207baby out, grab your stroll and enjoy a refreshing walk. It does not matter if it is colder outside. The cold air does not make the baby sick. Dress him appropriately, without overdoing it, to avoid overheating and sweating while outside. Most doctors will also advice not to cover the area of the mouth and nose because the warm and moist air coming out from breathing can facilitate the development of unwanted bacteria in those areas. So enjoy walks as much as you can and let your baby get used to the outer world.

Reduce the sugar in his food

If you are preparing teas, soups or pastes and you are accustomed to adding a bit of sugar for a better taste, think twice. Sugar can slow down the immune system in a very great deal, and the organism will be exposed to a large number of infections. Use less sugar or even none, to prevent the immune system to become lazy. Allow the child to enjoy all the nutrients without the risk of developing a weak barrier against viruses.

Use the properties of herbal teas

In the past years, when special baby medicines and formulas were not good-reasons-not-to-breastfeed_300x449available, mothers often prepared herbal teas for their young ones. For instance, it is well-known the property of the cumin tea to reduce the stomach pain provoked by cramps and flatulence, a common problem met at young babies. Chamomile tea is great for calming down, especially after a round of anxious cry, and for colic problems. It will help the child relax and even take a nap. Rosemary is also great for stimulating the immune system and will drive away cold symptoms. You can use it when preparing food pastes. Also, you can add in your baby’s food parsley, basil, dill, coriander, oregano, but in small quantities as spice. Although, even if these herbs have significant properties, talk with your doctor when and how much you can use them in the diet of your child.

Allow an undisturbed sleep

breastfeeding-is-not-possible-1024x681_600x399During sleep, the body rejuvenated and eliminated all the needed chemicals to make the organism and the immune system stronger. So allow your child to take undisturbed sleeps any times he feels like, especially when he is very young. Even during the toddler period, you can encourage the noon nap, as a perfect way to strengthen his body.

Leaving the immunity problems aside, while breastfeeding a strong and indestructible bond is created between the child and his mother. We all know you love your child unconditionally, even if you chosen to make this change, so you have to find other ways to spend time and bond with your child.

Take the time to spend together with your baby, just the two of you.

Talk, giggle, and watch all the baby’s incredible reactions to your voice and your touches.

The best time to bond can also be the time when you bathe your baby. Create a calm and warm atmosphere and enjoy these moments spent together. Time flies extremely fast, and soon your baby will be all grown up.

So make sure you take advantage of these moments the most you can. Feeding formulas to your baby is not a bad thing, but you’ll have to replace the time spend for breastfeeding with other great ways of bonding with your newborn.

Being a mother is a miracle all women should experience whether they choose or not to breastfeed. The power to bring a new life into this world is a unique experience, no matter how hard the road is until delivery.

So we encourage all you moms out there to enjoy and be proud of your babies. Moreover, please do share your amazing moments with your little ones with us.

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